9 Different Ways To Find A New Job

The old days of finding a job right out of school and sticking with it until retirement are certainly in the past. In these modern times, people have become more adept at locating new job opportunities. But some of the more traditional tactics have started to fade in popularity; no longer are people looking solely at the newspaper want-ads to find their dream jobs. Job seekers are becoming more creative and utilizing new strategies in moving their careers forward.

1. Networking

It is said that the majority of job vacancies are never advertised, often referred to as the “hidden job market.” To land these jobs, seekers will need to find a way to get a foot in the door. Networking can go a long way in locating job opportunities; even if no one you know directly has knowledge of a job opening, there’s a chance they know someone who does.

Networking can be done both in person and online. You can join professional associations, attend events for graduates of your school, or aim to connect with professionals who work in your field. Various online tools also exist, such as LinkedIn, which allow you to network with other professionals and learn out about possible job openings. You may also be able to meet other professionals through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

2. Referrals
Referrals also come from individuals you know, however, this method may get you an invitation to apply for a position without actually searching for a new a job. Some employers offer incentives to their employees for referring a successful candidate to their company – a win-win situation for everyone. You get a new job, and your contact gets a finder’s fee for attracting a top-notch employee.

3. Job Boards and Career Websites
Job boards were

Controller: Career Path & Qualifications

Controllership is an attractive and potentially lucrative career path for accountants and aspiring accounting students. Controllers analyze and develop financial information, distinguished from traditional accountants by their forward-looking approach; accountants, by contrast, generally only review past financial performance.

Every controller job is unique, but there are universal skills and qualifications that any serious candidate should possess. For example, every controller needs a college degree, preferably in finance or accounting. Most openings require a master’s of business administration (MBA) and/or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.

Many controllers spent years as auditors or accountants with Big Four firms. Contemporary controllerships actually begin after a few years as an assistant controller. However, there are tens of thousands of controller positions in the United States. Some work for nonprofits, some with for-profits and still others in a public capacity. This diversity makes it possible to ascend to a controller position without following a standard, cookie-cutter career path.

Role of a Financial Controller Within an Organization
Controllers either work with or directly under an organization’s chief financial officer (CFO), providing key financial information with an eye on future performance. While the traditional role of an accountant is to show historical information reliably, the role of a controller is to anticipate and highlight coming issues.

Theoretically, controllers help structure cost control and streamline revenue decisions by blending the firm’s present capabilities with market reality. The idea is to understand financial objectives and make them achievable.

Specific Tasks of Financial Controllers
Every controller serves two primary functions, although some companies may require more or less than is normal. A controller is responsible for overseeing the completion of internal control audits, with focusing specifically on possible errors or fraud. The second primary job of a controller is to develop and execute an operational strategy for the

The Best Jobs for Retirees

One of the pleasures of working in retirement is the chance to try something you may have previously been scared to do. It’s a time to try something entirely new, or expand a current interest, rather than working at a job chosen simply because it pays the bills.

Here are seven opportunities especially suited for older workers.


If your former career involved a skill that translates well to freelance consulting, you can parlay your experience into a part-time job as a consultant. You can make quite a bit per project, but you’ll need to spend time networking and marketing your services, and there may be long gaps between jobs. Consulting is a great choice for anyone who loves working with people, enjoys being social, and wants to maintain a professional network. Some fields particularly suited for consulting in retirement include:

  • Project management
  • Research
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Website development
  • Sales management
  • Grant writing


If you’ve been hearing for years that you really should sell your homemade bread, quilts, jewelry, soap or wooden crafts, you might be able to turn your beloved hobby into a part-time job. With the rise of crafts websites like Etsy.com, you don’t even need to leave your home to sell your creations. On the plus side, you’ll be doing something you enjoy. On the downside, your profits are likely to be small and you may need to work long hours to keep up with sales if your products become popular. Consider opening your own online shop through Etsy or Ebay, grab some DIY inspiration from Pinterest, and you’re on your way to selling your own merchandise. What could you create and sell? Some of the possibilities include:

  • Custom order calligraphy (Great for wedding placecards.)
  • Artwork
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Handmade home decor (were you always great at making Christmas wreaths or birthday banners?)
  • Handbound journals
  • Candles
  • Customized clothing


If you’ve always

Your Career Slump, Perform Steps Here And Prove Result

Have a Plan

If you fail to plan you plan to fail means. Motivational narrator and existence tutor employmentboost.com, says it best, “If you do not have a plan of their own, others will formulate you vigorous into their diplomacy.”

In his tome, The  lifestyle of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey said, “if you do not set your goals based on your mission statement, you are probably going to climb the ladder of success only to realize, when you get to the top, you are on BUILDING FALSE”.

Know and Learn Culture Your Organization

Culture is the organization of traditions, customs, and style. Organizational culture varies from country to countries, such as language and traditions. It’s up to you to learn the culture of your company. This culture includes everything from dress codes to how we communicate with each other.

Follow Up and Follow Through

Develop a reputation as someone who can be relied upon – becomes efficient that your peers and superiors can count on you. Do not just get the job done but also done on time, within budget, and true. Nothing can ruin the reputation faster than having your colleagues believe is unreliable. Always follow up on everything whether it is a duty or volunteer work.

Master Public Speaking

Always sound smart when you open your mouth to speak. From the start interesting and pleasantries at a celebration party, to make business presentations, effective communication is an important skill to succeed in the corporate environment.

If you feel uncomfortable with public speaking, try to take a public speaking class to improve your confidence. Ability to present ideas effectively will provide tremendous added value.

Be a Team Player

In any business, it takes a team effort. Even the Lone Ranger needed a Tonto beside him when he needed it. To achieve and exceed your company’s goals requires everyone

Russell Richardson Product Destruction: Tips for Finding the Right Company for Your Needs

It is a well-known fact that uniforms that come from particular workplaces need to be destroyed, instead of being sold, given away, or just discarded. If you are looking for a product destruction company, then you might want to check into using russell richardson product destruction for all of your uniform and product destruction needs. You will of course, want to do your research and choose the right company to hand these uniforms and products over too. You will find some tips listed below to help you find the right company to suit your needs.

Make Out a Budget

The first thing you will want to do is set up a budget. Talk you your accountant and decide just what amount you can afford to spend on product and uniform destruction and then stick to that budget when you are searching for the right company to destroy these items for you.

Do Your Research

You will want to do extensive research before you even begin to find a company to help with this type of destruction. Some of this stuff is not to be put back out in the community. You will need to make sure that the company you choose is reputable, well respected, and well known in the community that you live and work in. It is probably best to talk to other like businesses in the area to see whom they use to do this type of product destruction.

Check References and Backgrounds

Even with this type of company, it is better to check references and credentials before you make a firm decision. You should ask for references and ensure that they are current references. You can also read reviews online about these types of companies, just as you can any other type of company out there.

These are just a few tips

Where to Find the Best Truck Driver Wages

The outlook for truck drivers in the U.S. is good and getting better. A part of the reason for that is because Baby Boomers have begun to reach retirement age, which means that truck driving positions are opening up for younger people to step into. Another reason the outlook is so good is because wages for truck drivers are on the increase.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the mean truck driver wage in the U.S., as of May 2015, was $42,500. The median was $40,260. On the other hand, the American Truckers Association said in October 2015 that the median wage for truck drivers employed by private fleets was $73,000. That’s a huge difference, so what gives?

The disparity lies in the definition of a private fleet. The BLS wage numbers represent all employed truck drivers in the public and private sectors. It also includes truck drivers working for non-profit or non-governmental organizations. Low-wage trucker jobs are bringing down the average. A private fleet is operated by a public or private corporation where drivers deliver goods manufactured or sold only by that organization. For instance, WalMart has its own fleet of truck drivers, as does TrueValue hardware.

Finding the Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs

Most truck drivers in the U.S. work for hire, which means they get paid to drive for a company that is hired by other companies. Many of these drivers work on the road and may be away from home for up to 10 days at a time. It’s a very competitive side of the business.

On the lower end of the pay scale are local box truck and delivery drivers. This includes truck drivers who work for companies like UPS and FedEx as well as local

How For The Greatest Payday Cash Loans Around

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Pay day loans offer you individuals lacking income the ways to deal with needed costs and crisis outlays in times of monetary misery. They should basically be entered however, when a borrower has a good price of knowledge relating to their distinct terms. Take advantage of the ideas in this post, and you will probably know regardless of whether you will have a great deal before you, or should you be intending to fall into an unsafe snare.

Every time applying for a payday advance, make certain that everything you provide is precise. Quite often, such things as your work history, and home may be verified. Make sure that your entire information is right. You may stay away from receiving dropped for your personal pay day loan, allowing you helpless.

Take advantage of the fact that over 15 thousand payday lenders really exist. Some could be ethically ambiguous, and the ones providing the industry a bad track record. Many others are legitimate companies that do issues ethically, and officially. Get on the internet, and look for reviews, blog sites, and community forum articles by previous payday borrowers, to quickly find out that does issues best for their clients.

Determine what a cash advance is. A pay day loan is really a higher-interest loan for any small amount of time time. These are typically normally completed with 1 visit to the cash advance office. In return for virtually fast money, you should write out a check out on the pay day lender

How to Find Out If You Are Eligible For Unemployment

Let’s face it, no employer who understands what it means to their bottom line is going to want to see employee after employee filing for and winning unemployment benefits. Whether you’ve earned them or not, they’re going to want to make certain to do whatever they can to prevent yet another claim being filed.

Is this fair? Probably not, but it is a real problem that you’re going to have to face, if and when you find yourself in that situation.

What most companies are counting on is that you’re not going to know whether or not you’re even eligible to receive them. You won’t find many HR departments bending over backwards to give you all the details on how to file a claim (unless they want to join you in the unemployment line). To make the whole subject even more confusing, you’ve got all the lovely myths that are flung about like rice at a wedding, making it seem as though it would take an act of congress for you to ever receive unemployment benefits.

First and foremost, if you’ve got that sinking feeling that something is bound to be happening to your job in the near future, don’t wait until it happens to check out your state’s unemployment laws.

A quick and simple internet search for your individual state will point you in the right direction. This is a vital part of things, because no matter how prepared you are, in the end, when you get that final escort from the building and your ID badge nabbed by security, you’re going to be angry and depressed. Things are going to be chaotic and frustrating, what you don’t need is to start all of this from scratch while weathering that blow to your ego and self-image.

Plan ahead. Take 10 minutes and get at

5 Smart Job Tips to Find a Job You Really Enjoy

This article provides you with 5 job tips to find a job you can really enjoy.

Before we get into these remember, it can become very challenging if you’re not informed about where to look and how to communicate your value proposition.

Also, just know that many job seekers have the skills and experience, yet they don’t apply a proven process that actually works in their targeted job market. The fact is, many people look for work but follow the herd by applying at companies that may not be the best environment to work in.

Below are 5 smart job tips you can start using today:
# 1 When you start looking for work in you should clearly define and document exactly what it is that you’re looking for and determine if the job actually exists.

Following this first job tip is critical to your long term success. Don’t arrive here and not know what you are looking for.

# 2 Take a look thorough look at all available job options and make sure you’re seeking employment that you would be proud of and find a position that has some sort of advancement. You don’t want work that you’ll eventually hate. Talk to others who have been working in this town and get the facts about work.

#3 Clearly define and document an area of expertise that’s of interest to you and you know you’re qualified to work in. Make sure you insert all of this information on your resume and/or job application. In this day and age many jobs are serviced based and if you follow this tip by getting down on paper what your strengths are, this will help you enormously. More importantly get the word out to perspective employers.

#4 Make sure before you apply that the employment opportunity you’re looking for will help

How to Choose a Top Company for Your Next Job

What are the main aspects you should take into account when choosing your next employer? What makes a company worth working for? Let’s see:

Performance reviews

Any company that’s worth working for will have scheduled performance reviews, preferably at least once a year. Some companies do them every six months, and some in even shorter intervals. Regardless of the exact timing of these reviews, make sure the company you’re interested in does perform these reviews. It gives a great idea of how active employees are, their current contributions to a company in comparison to past reviews, and how productive they are with their time at the office. This also can give the chance to get concerns or comments heard, as most companies that perform these reviews also take comments into consideration during the review. Constructive feedback from these reviews is one of the best things a company can give an employee, as it show strengths and weaknesses without being unfair or overbearing.

Career advancement opportunity

Do the employers of the company you’re looking at offer regular training, and what is their promotion process? These are good questions to ask during an interview, as it shows ambition towards furthering your personal contribution to a company, and it can answer important questions. If the company in question does not offer performance-based promotions, or any sort of actual career advancement, question why. Figure out the reason that employer has no desire to offer a goal beyond earning your next paycheck. The amount of motivation some employees show when a promotion is on the line can be astounding, and the best results come from motivated employees who have something to prove. Any employer who views his or her employees as an asset on that level is one worth considering.

Employee recognition

Are you the type to come up with new

How to pass job assessment tests

Some companies require that you complete an assessment test (or series of tests) before offering you a job.

Often such tests will involve questions that have no right or wrong answers, but rather provide the employer with an understanding of your preferences, personality type, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as concern areas about your emotional and mental health.

Here is what you need to know and specific steps on how to pass job assessment tests:
Additional testing may involve logic, math, mechanical, grammar, and spelling questions to gauge your abilities in these areas.

Completing assessment tests well can increase the likelihood that the company will offer you the job. Here’s how:

Before the test

Ask what type of test(s) will be administered and how long the testing will take.
Seek to learn how the tests will be given (in-person, by phone, online, etc.)
Take practice tests until you feel fully prepared to take the real tests.
Myers-Briggs-type questions
Basic math review quizzes
Grammar/punctuation review quizzes
Spelling review quizzes
Contact people who have taken the tests (particularly at the hiring company). See if they can remember certain questions or their effective answering strategies.
Request information about how your test results will be used and how well you must do on them to be considered for the position.
If you know that you will have difficulty with aspects of testing such as the math assessment, notify the hiring manager and ask if that skill test is necessary for the position. If it is not, the company may wave that part of the test or overlook your deficiency in that area.
Get plenty of rest. Don’t eat heavy foods that could tire you during the test.

During the test

Answer questions honestly and consistently (assessment tests tend to ask similar questions repeatedly to ensure you are being truthful).
If there


There are some companies where almost everyone would like to work. Jobs at these employers are high on almost every candidate’s dream jobs list.

Google is at the top of many lists of the best companies to work. Microsoft and some of the other top tech companies are also on the list of where many tech job seekers would love to work.

Whole Foods also earns a top on best companies list, especially for those who are interested in combining healthy living with their career. There are many best companies to work for lists available online. Search Google for “best company to work for” for to get lists to review.

You’ll be able to find top companies based on job growth, salary and flexibility, as well as industry. As you do some research, you might find a company you’d be interested in or you may already know where you’d love to work if you could get hired.

What’s Your Dream Job?

Of course, your dream job at your dream company might be something completely different – and it might not show up on any list. Everyone has a different perspective, different values, and different ideas for what they want out of work.

Your dream job might be at small local company or a non-profit in a field that’s meaningful to you. It could be a start-up with a handful of employees or a larger employer in an industry of interest.

How to Get Noticed

It doesn’t really matter what organization it is. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to jobs at companies where you’d love to work, the strategy of getting noticed is the same regardless of the employer.

These days, most companies, regardless of size, have a presence on LinkedIn and social media. Most companies also post job openings on their company websites.

Regardless of the company you’d love

Being an Effective Teacher Means Continuously Evolving

The one thing that every educator should remember is that educator values and also effective teaching counts. The particular reasons precisely why teachers perform certain points in the actual classroom and also what that they hope for you to achieve offers an impact on college student progress. Specialists have located that philosophy about typically the nature involving maths and also what the idea means to be able to understand that, along using teachers’ concepts about precisely how children understand and their own role inside that course of action, was a critical aspect in just how effective that they were.

Think concerning teacher-student human relationships

This may well also appear obvious, however the connections teachers have got with pupils has any big impression on understanding – while of a “educational setting climate”. The actual report mentioned that this was essential to produce a class room environment which was “regularly demanding more”. A student’s achievements must be attributed to work rather compared to ability.

Manage behavior

Interestingly, this specific wasn’t since significant while subject information and class instruction since a aspect contributing to be able to teacher good results. But class room management, which includes continuing education as well as precisely how well some sort of teacher tends to make use involving lesson time period, coordinates class room resources along with manages the particular behavior involving students, was said as significant.

There are no data that setting is effective

Getting students within groups based on their very own ability tends to make little big difference to their own learning. Despite the fact that setting can easily in principle let lecturers work with a tempo that fits all enrollees and customize content, that can additionally create a great exaggerated feeling of most pupils becoming alike inside the teacher’s objectives. This kind of can end result in instructors not

12 tips to make applying for jobs online easier

Many companies insist that you complete an online job application form to apply for their open positions. Trouble is, many such online application forms are terribly challenging to complete.

To apply as easily and effectively as possible, try these tips:

1. Work quickly. Some systems can “time out” if they are not completed quickly enough. But even though you have to work fast, expect to spend an hour per application, or even more for the most tedious forms. (The worst offenders: educational, health care and government/defense industry forms).

2. When given the option to upload a resume or complete a form, opt to upload your resume by clicking the “Browse” button to find/upload your resume from your computer. This can save you time and ensure your resume looks like you intended it.

3. Create a chronological resume in plain text (ASCII) format so you can easily copy/paste it into online templates without reformatting problems. Here’s how.

4. Keep answers short so you don’t have to edit them to fit particularly short boxes. Save common responses to a Word document so that you can quickly paste the same answers into future forms.

5. Prepare a past job history document to quickly fill in forms when prompted. Include:
Your past companies with each address and main phone number
Your beginning and ending dates (if you don’t know the actual date, put the first of the month for the start date and the end of the month for your end date)
Your beginning and ending titles at each place
Your supervisor’s name, title and contact information (or HR’s contact information)
Your beginning and ending salary for each job
Job duties/accomplishments for each position
Your reason(s) for leaving each company stated as briefly and positively as possible

Access an application form preparation sheet.

6. Have a list of at least four references

Eye Discharge Could Suggest An Infection For Dogs

Pus from a pet’s eye area can certainly suggest something as minor as a hair or some other unknown thing inside the eyes. This may also indicate your dog has a significant problem as an contamination or glaucoma. Knowing how to recognize the signs of eye infections in dogs will help you safeguard your animal’s visual acuity. Frequently, the shade in addition to thickness of the pus offers clues to a vet or possibly a pet owner what’s wrong for the dog’s eye. Very clear pus generally signifies allergies, whereas yellowish green pus can often mean a serious issue that requires timely veterinary care. Animal owners need to know what to consider in terms of the dog’s vision. What may possibly look like a slight issue may be very severe if this is not tackled immediately. A thorough vet will help an animal master discover the dog eye infection symptoms so they can identify a problem immediately and transport the canine to the vet for treatment. Canine medical professionals currently have choices when they come across your dog with an eye infection. When they are informed about the reason, they could suggest a treatment method without delay. In some cases, the vet might need to conduct clinical assessments to figure out exactly why the dog is having discharge out of his eyes. That is why notifying the vet about the eye issue the moment the master sees it can be very important. The most common dog eye infection treatment is eye drops. Due to the fact putting in the eye drops inside the pet’s eyes is not going to be easy, the veterinary can give recommendations and techniques for the simplest way to undertake it. In case the pet is massive or may possibly wrestle, having a additional

25 Tips for Acing a Remote Interview

The combination of a scarcity of jobs and the emergence of new technologies has made it more common than ever for job applicants to take part in remote interviews. Remote interviews provide a way for companies to screen potential employees and to save applicants time and money for travel, making them attractive choices for both parties. While remote interviews, whether by phone or over the computer, are more common than ever, that doesn’t make them any less intimidating. Whether it’s your first remote interview or your hundredth, here are some tips that can help make the process a less stressful, more successful experience no matter what kind of job you’re interviewing for.

  1. GET THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT. If you’re going to be giving an interview over a teleconferencing site like Skype, then make sure you have equipment that is going to make it easy for interviewers to hear and see you. If you can’t afford to buy the right tech, see if you can borrow microphones or webcams from friends that will suit your needs for the interview.
  2. KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR TECHNOLOGY. Not only do you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job, but you also need to know how to use them. Spend some time in the days prior to the interview learning how to use the tech you’ll need, both the hardware and the software. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection and that your devices are powerful enough to maintain a lengthy online interview. All of this testing will save you big headaches later on, so it’s worth the time and investment.
  3. GIVE YOUR PROFILE A MAKEOVER. You might usually use your Skype account for personal matters, but if you’re going to be using it in an interview then you

7 Key Etiquette Tips for Your Job Search

Recently, a Comcast employee infamously gave the company a black eye by changing a customer’s name from Ricardo to “A–hole” on his account. The story of this uncouth behavior was verified and then went viral.

No matter how many public apologies the company’s executives made for the rogue employee’s action, their carefully crafted brand suffered in the public’s mind. Who can tell how many potential customers, as a result, chose not to hire Comcast as their cable provider, without regard to how well the company’s services might fill their needs?

There is a powerful lesson here for job hunters. Behavior, attitude and manners are all components of your personal brand and the impression you make. No matter how qualified you might be for the role you seek, if you act in a discourteous fashion, you will diminish your chances of being hired.

Even though you’ll never see a rejection letter that says, “We didn’t hire you because you were rude,” you can be certain that hiring managers routinely cast aside candidates who don’t show appropriate respect and common courtesy.

Here are seven etiquette tips that will enhance your reputation throughout your job search (and beyond):

1. Be courteous to everyone, everywhere all the time. Of course it should go without saying that you need to be polite to everyone when you are being interviewed. But you never know what cameras record in the reception area, or if your muttering in the restroom is unknowingly addressed to the hiring manager you are about to formally meet for the first time.

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale and U.S. News blogger, counseled in a recent tweet: “Be courteous in the gym – it’s possible your next prospect [i.e. hiring manager] is working out next to you.” (@smoothsale)

2. Don’t waste people’s time. Hiring managers, human resources professionals and recruiters

6 Job Search Tips That Are So Basic People Forget Them

The irony of job search advice: There’s so much available that you don’t have to spend more than four seconds Googling about before you land on some nugget of wisdom or another.

Yet, at the same time, there’s so much available (some of which completely contradicts other advice you’ll find) that it can easily overwhelm you. Which, in fact, is probably the exact opposite outcome you’re looking for when you go sleuthing for genuinely useful counsel in the first place.

So let’s do this: Let’s boil things down to a short list of sound, timeless job searching tips that’ll help you fine-tune your strategy so that you may sail through the process (or at least cut out some of the unnecessary time and frustration).

1. Make Yourself a “Smack-in-the-Forehead” Obvious Fit

When you apply for a job via an online application process, it’s very likely that your resume will first be screened by an applicant tracking system and then (assuming you make this first cut) move onto human eyeballs. The first human eyeballs that review your resume are often those of a lower level HR person or recruiter, who may or may not understand all of the nuances of that job for which you’re applying.

Thus, it behooves you to make it very simple for both the computer and the human to quickly connect their “Here’s what we’re looking for” to your “Here’s what you can walk through our doors and deliver.”


Study the job description and any available information you have on the position. Are you mirroring the words and phrases in the job description? Are you showcasing your strengths in the areas that seem to be of paramount importance to this role? Line it up. Line it up.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications

You want that job search to last and last? Well, then

The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs


When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, it was producing a random array of computers and peripherals, including a dozen different versions of the Macintosh. After a few weeks of product review sessions, he’d finally had enough. “Stop!” he shouted. “This is crazy.” He grabbed a Magic Marker, padded in his bare feet to a whiteboard, and drew a two-by-two grid. “Here’s what we need,” he declared. Atop the two columns, he wrote “Consumer” and “Pro.” He labeled the two rows “Desktop” and “Portable.” Their job, he told his team members, was to focus on four great products, one for each quadrant. All other products should be canceled. There was a stunned silence. But by getting Apple to focus on making just four computers, he saved the company. “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do,” he told me. “That’s true for companies, and it’s true for products.”

After he righted the company, Jobs began taking his “top 100” people on a retreat each year. On the last day, he would stand in front of a whiteboard (he loved whiteboards, because they gave him complete control of a situation and they engendered focus) and ask, “What are the 10 things we should be doing next?” People would fight to get their suggestions on the list. Jobs would write them down—and then cross off the ones he decreed dumb. After much jockeying, the group would come up with a list of 10. Then Jobs would slash the bottom seven and announce, “We can only do three.”

Focus was ingrained in Jobs’s personality and had been honed by his Zen training. He relentlessly filtered out what he considered distractions. Colleagues and family members would at times be exasperated as they tried to get him to deal with issues—a legal

6 Ways To Find Your Dream Job

With double-digit unemployment and a lingering recession, you would think that most people in the workplace are grateful to still have a job. While they may be relieved to still have a paycheck, the majority of workers are not happy where they are professionally.

  1. Pinpoint The Problem
    Before you give your two weeks’ notice, take stock of where you are and why it’s so unsatisfying. Are you not making enough money for the work you do? Is it the company or organization you’re working for? Is it the industry? Is it the job itself? Do you dislike having to travel so much for work? Do you not like working in teams as much as you are now and would you prefer to work more independently? Knowing why you want to leave your job can help you make a better choice the next time around.
  2. Count The Whole Cost
    Many workers don’t take the risk to find a more satisfying job because they’re worried about the potential loss in pay. However it’s important to add up the real cost you’re incurring to stay in a job you dislike. While it may pay more, is it causing you mental and emotional stress? Is it negatively impacting your relationships?It can help you be more confident about making the move when you realize that the daily grind of going to an unfulfilling job is costing you more mentally, emotionally and spiritually than it is providing you financially. (If you want to switch careers, you may not have to go back to school to do it.)
  3. Get Busy Dreaming
    A dream job involves, well, a dream. What do you really want to do? If nothing immediately comes to mind, think about people you know who love their jobs. What do you envy about their situation? Is it that

5 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Job

With the unemployment rate still very big , you may find yourself in the position of applying, interviewing and still remaining jobless. You may have thought it was a sure thing; you may have left the office laughing and joking with the interviewer. So why was someone else hired and you weren’t? These five reasons may shed some light on the situation.

  1. You’re Overqualified
    It’s not just a cliché – you really can be overqualified for a position. It’s especially true in a tight economy. A candidate that is more qualified would require a higher salary and benefits package for a competitive offer, and to retain said candidate long term. If someone else interviewed who fit the qualifications but didn’t overly exceed them, it might be in the company’s best interest to hire him and save the cash.
  2. You Don’t Know the Right People
    You may be great on paper, and you may interview really well – but if another candidate is the employer’s tennis instructor’s daughter, you might be out of luck. This is often unavoidable. Your best bet is to make sure you follow up with a genuinely appreciative phone call or note. Leaving a positive impression will keep you in that employer’s mind if other opportunities arise. (It is not advisable that you go into your finance interview expecting to land a job where you would be making multi-million dollar decisions. )
  3. You Hit it Off, just Not Professionally
    Having a good rapport with your interviewer is great – however, if you bonded over your love of tequila shooters, you may have made a friend and not an employer. In a less extreme example, you may be very easy to interview, but still not right for the position. While being friendly and personable are two very important traits, they won’t

Career Information for a Degree in Animal Science

Degrees in animal science typically cover livestock production, genetics, nutrition, and microbiology. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth, and salary info for animal science graduates.

Essential Information
A degree in animal science can lead to many careers with wide ranges in job duties and salaries. An animal science degree is offered on all levels, and many programs provide students the opportunity to work with animals.

Animal Science Degree Information

An animal science degree program can prepare students for careers in the management, science and medicine fields. Individuals who earn this degree may be self-employed or work in hospitals or for major companies. The employment outlook and annual salary can vary greatly between professions.

Animal science degrees are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Many programs incorporate work experience into the curriculum, and some institutions may have facilities for students to learn hands-on. These programs focus heavily on the biological sciences and include many laboratory-based classes. Some animal science programs offer concentrations, like management.


According to O*Net Online, veterinarians diagnose and treat animals by giving medication and performing surgeries (www.onetonline.org). They can work for animal hospitals, research facilities or in a private practice. Some veterinarians work with all animal types while other vets, such as equine veterinarians, focus on one species. Veterinarians may choose to become specialists and focus on a single area of medicine.

Prospective veterinarians need to complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) degree program after finishing an animal science program. Prospective programs must be accredited by the Council on Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Programs last four years and involve extensive clinical time in the fourth year.

Upon completion of veterinary school, many individuals undergo an internship to gain experience or a residency program to become board